Curriculum Assessment  Welcome

This online assessment allows us to assess your individual professional training portfolio or existing curriculum (for training institutions) in respect of Early Childhood Intervention.
Based on the framework of the European Curriculum (EBIFF) you will be able to assess how to extend your personal professional training in both basic and/or further education to a level which corresponds to a General European framework.

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  General Information:  
The assessment will take you about 30-45 min time depending on your prepared documents  
  To do this assessment, you will need your relevant personal documentation regarding your training situation (in the case of assessment of your individual professional training portfolio) or all details of your existing curriculum (for training institutions).  
  We suggest that you  download  (and print) the EBIFF Curriculum to help you assess the suggested curriculum content  
To enter this online assessment process you will need to  register  with a personal username and password.
Using your username/password will enable you to enter your personal assessment area at any time (e.g. for modifications)
  After registration you will be able to navigate through the EBIFF curriculum. You will find 8 key areas of training, where you can fill in your individual training portfolio or your existing curriculum.  
  As soon as you have submitted your final input, the EBIFF Certification Commission will be informed electronically and will start their assessment. This process is interactive so that comments and questions can be exchanged electronically between you and the commission!  
After complementing this process you will receive a feedback from our certification commission , on the extent to which your personal training portfolio or curriculum for training institution matches the European Curriculum.  
If the Certification Commission assesses your individual training portfolio or your existing curriculum as matching to the European Curriculum, you will be certified by means of an European Passport in Professional Training in Early childhood Intervention.  

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